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Fun facts: Feminist sex educator and pioneer Susie Bright was hired as a “lesbian sex consultant” for the film.

I recently sat down electronically with my friend Eliel Cruz to discuss his faith, sexuality, and advocacy work. Can we start by hearing a little about how your journey as an activist started? Being an activist was never something I thought I would be doing.

Fulfilling the pressures of her family and her own drive, Wil is a hard working doctor who looks on track to become head of surgery, a position currently held by the father of the woman she falls in love with; proud and gorgeous lesbian dancer Vivian Shing (Lynn Chen).

Meanwhile Wil’s mother is having trouble with traditional relationship norms as well and has moved herself in to Wil’s apartment.

Yet, God called me to make the spaces I inhabited in the church safer for queer people like me.

I work to make the church look more like the sanctuary it’s meant to be. I’ve only attended Christian schools my entire life and the majority of bad things that have happened to me happened at my Christian schools.

is a masterful film noir-style suspense flick known as one of the first mainstream films to include homosexual lead characters without centering the plot around homosexuality.

Lesbian ex-con Corky Sinclair, played by Gina Gershon, is hired as a plumber in the building where she meets Violet (Jennifer Tilly), the smoky-voiced Siren and girlfriend of money laundering mafioso Cesar.

Some even feature smokin’ hot lesbian sex scenes (though the MPAA always fights to censor female sexual pleasure with the financially damning NC-17 card, which is an even tougher battle for female-on-female sexual pleasure peddlers) with Women We Love like Angelina Jolie, Leisha Hailey, Jordanna Brewster, Ally Sheedy and Clea Duvall. Fucking Amal offers a strikingly realistic interpretation of two high-school aged girls from different crowds but similar states of weirdo-mind who find themselves incredibly attracted to each other — Agnes (the loner, her only friend is wheelchair-bound) and Ellin (popular with a “reputation” amongst the boys).

I once saw my former pastor at Walmart after I was kicked out of my academy, and said hello, only to have him look at my outstretched hand and walk away.

All these things hit my faith hard and I hated God for letting it happen to me.

, which you’ve probably not heard of, is the unsung heroine of lesbian films.

The sweet love story addresses the pros and cons of Chinese-American family life and specifically how Wil (Michelle Krusiec) navigates her world as a lesbian.

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