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County residents also work in lumbering, farming and light industry.Commuters go west to Charlottesville and southeast to Richmond. Major businesses include Virginia Power, Kloeckner-Pentaplast Inc., Tridum Filter, Klearfold and Busada Manufacturing, Virginity Community Bank, Trade Winds of Virginia, Piedmont Metal Fabricators and Virginia Vermiculite.

Much of Spotsylvania, particularly Livingston and Berkeley districts, remains rural.

Thomas Jefferson about the approach of British soldiers.

Major Issues: The mid- and late 1980's saw Lake Anna become a favorite recreational destination for Washington-area residents, while retirees continued to build homes around the waterfront.

County officials have placed limitations on mobile homes, many of which have been put around the lake.

An application will be submitted to build a 138-townhouse unit on Lake Anna.

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