Dating old homes

Not content to while away their days doing large-print crossword puzzles and watching daytime television, some of the residents at the Hebrew Home nursing home in the Bronx have taken to courting each other in an effort to pass the time and develop deeper relationships.88-year-old William Beck is a widower twice over, and now a resident at Hebrew Home. He does, however, miss the butterflies-in-your-stomach effect of a first date, the traditional chivalry of picking up the tab, the fretting over what to wear.Variations in growth due to events that only affect an individual (death of a neighbor, loss of limbs or top in a storm for instance) are not helpful and may obscure the common “signal” or pattern.In some cases individual variation may prevent successful tree-ring dating of a sample.

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(2) Growth pattern due to external factors present and identifiable.(3) A known standard or tree-ring chronology containing the record of typical growth for the region, species, and period of time in question must be developed or already available for comparison.(4) Sufficient number of rings present in a sample for the pattern to be uniquely identified as belonging to a particular period of time, based on comparison with the known standard.Growth in woody plants can be thought of as a series of cones stacked one upon another, like a stack of paper cups.Once formed, the tissue is immobile: a nail driven into a tree will remain at the point and height where it was driven while becoming slowly embedded in the tree as the stem adds new layers each year.

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