John deere serial dating

There are numerous parts to a Deere backhoe, and many of the individual components and parts on the unit will have labeled serial numbers of their own.

To avoid confusion between serial numbers of parts and serial number or identification number of the entire unit, Deere places the master identification number for all tractor products in a consistent, easily accessible location.

Look for the 13-digit identification number engraved onto the tag, also known as the tractor serial number.

If the number is obscured by dirt or dust, wipe the tag with a moist, clean cloth so the number is clearly visible.

The first number indicated the Series Production Code followed by the Chassis Production Code.

From 1965 on, the sequence started with the letter used as a prefix of “T” which, again indicated “basic tractor”.

The letter B would be used to indicate a sub variant such as the 4000 model.

Here are the codes listed for further reference: The “T” (and “B”) Code The “T” code indicated “basic tractor” and was the third digit until the Fuel Type Code was added to the sequence for the 1964, 3020 model year.

It became the fourth digit in the sequence until 1965 when it was moved to the prefix indicating the same “basic tractor” designation.

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