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Brendan Fraser as Shazam is a little "fantasy" I have. He's a big guy but he also has the goofy funny quality about him.

He's also lesser known so he could really become Shazam without people coming in with preconceived notions .

If you want to play against the computer click on the option and your game will start.

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So now you might be clear what type of symbol will signify the Rock, the Paper and the Scissors.What kid would you cast as Billy and which actor would you cast for Shazam? For Shazam candidates are - Joe Manganiello, Armie Hammer. Although they're already failing with Cyborg and a possible Aqua Man. They could still cast someone whose name starts with Sam. Is there anyone other than actors who got rejected from playing Superman we can cast for Shazam?Here in this Rock Paper Scissors game you get two options one is to play against the computer and the other is to play against your friend over the Internet.As soon as you open the game, you will see a menu with the options ‘Play Online’ and ‘Vs computer’.

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