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Building upon candid interviews with Dreier, Unraveled weaves its narrative with cinema verité footage, revealing archival material and innovative animation effects.

Millions and millions of dollars are owed to individuals and all sorts of businesses and banks.

The film also serves a cautionary reminder of the consequences that result when greed and entitlement supplant moral responsibility.

Unraveled is a portrait of a man who ultimately achieved the distinction he so desperately craved, but shamefully, not for his keen intellect or ambitious drive, but rather as a “mastermind of criminal deception.” When I was a young associate working at the law firm of Dreier LLP, my boss Marc Dreier would rib me, “Simon, you’ll never be me, you’ll never be me!

It turns out that Von Paris even stored a number of his art works, .

Fortunately the company was paid for all its work, unlike so many other larger firms and businesses that Dreier engaged.

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