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Beside's, most people were telling me that they thought I looked "younger" without the beard. What a testamony to your faithfulnes and loving care through all their formative years. Since it was not "looking distinguished" with the beard; I thought going for "young" was not so bad given a culture that worship's youth. I do hope that you had some help with family or friends, did you?? I have a Swiss father and a Spanish mother.she liked the combination of a lot of names.is combined with "Sol" which means Sun.my name is Candelaria that belongs to the Sun..short Candela.a beautiful day...!! I happened to notice your pictures being put up on your profile and it looks like you have a great bunch of happy children!Candela Well, after having taken a random pole of friends, family, daughters, church people and staring at the mirror until I didn't know myself; I decided that it is too hot in the summer to have a fury face. They genuinely look as though they are happy to be with each other and you.I have, therefore, had the opportunity to spend a total of just over a month in England on two different trips with my daughters along.One trip we focused primarily on London and the surrounding "hamlets" and the other we went to the southeastern coast and saw Stonehenge and the absolutely beautiful "cities" if Bournemouth and Pool Harbor.My ancestry on both sides is from England so I have a strange craving for tea and crumpets or schone's at 4pm.My sister married an engineer for BP who was raised in Blackpool, England on the North Sea.

Virtual goods have been a mainstay of game sites and are now exploding in social networks focused on a younger audience, such as Facebook, Hi5 and Gaia.

Robin Wolaner, TBD's founder and CEO, said, "The naysayers swore that Boomers wouldn't interact online, then they said social networking was only for the younger generation. Not only are we rabid online consumers and social marketers, we're adopting new technologies more quickly than ever.

It's time to stop focusing on the youngsters and realize that the money resides with the population over 40." Facebook opened its virtual gifts shop in 2007 and in a recent New York Times article, Jeremy Liew, managing director of Lightspeed Venture Partners, estimates "the social network's digital-stuff revenue at around million a year." He went on to say, "People are behaving in exactly the same way they've always behaved.

This does not mean I am going to "jump" into any relationship because I have learned that the "foundation" of the kind of rewarding and mutually satisfying relationship I would like to share is not something that is produced over night.

However, I am willing to seek and take some steps too see what happens!! Maggie - Thanks for sharing, at a time when things seem to be more chaotic, the thought of "tranquility" that all of us, to some degree, yearn to have both personally and corporately in the world today. Candelariadelsol - Thanks for letting me know what your name means.

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