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British television presenter and astronomer Mark Thompson made the video, which shows the frightening effects of looking directly at the sun through a telescope lens.It serves as yet another warning to viewers to watch the eclipse with care on Monday.At the end of the video, Thompson adds that if the eye had been human, there would have been serious damage to the eye of the person.Scientists have already been warning people to avoid looking directly at the sun during the eclipse and NASA has said the only safe way to look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun is through special solar filters such as eclipse glasses.

During a total solar eclipse, the moon completely blocks the face of the sun, NASA explains.

In the liturgy, the word Lauds has two other meanings: It sometimes signifies the alleluia of the Mass; thus a Council of Toledo (IV Council, c. There the liturgy displays all its pomps; the bishop used to be present with all his clergy, the office being celebrated around the Grotto of the Holy Sepulchre itself; after the psalms and canticles had been sung, the litanies were chanted, and the bishop then blessed the people. Dom Cabrol, "Etude sur la Peregrinatio Silviae, les Eglises de Jerusalem, la discipline et la liturgie au IVX siecle", Paris, 1895, pp. Cyprian, and even in the Apostolic Fathers, so much so that Bäumer does not hesitate to assert that Lauds together with Vespers are the most ancient office, and owe their origin to the Apostles (Bäumer-Biron, op. For a Christian the first thought which should present itself to the mind in the morning, is the thought of God ; the first act of his day should be a prayer.

xii) formally pronounced: "Lauds are sung after the Epistle and before the Gospel" (for this interpretation compare Mabillon, "De Liturgia gall.", I, iv). Isidore says: "Laudes, hoc est, Alleluia, canere" (De div. The word Lauds also designates the public acclamations which were sung or shouted at the accession of princes, a custom which was for a long time observed in the Christian Church on certain occasions. The first gleam of dawn recalls to our minds that Christ is the true Light, that He comes to dispel spiritual darkness, and to reign over the world.

Theresa May has criticised peers for voting to restrict media freedom, saying the plans would “undermine high-quality journalism and a free press”.

Ministers have pledged to overturn amendments passed in the Lords on Wednesday...

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