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As he walked forward to huge cheers, co-host Erin Andrews said he had 'become such a huge part of this family.''I've known you for a while and I've never seen this side of you — it looks good on you,' sports host Erin told him.'I loved everything about you coming here.''I had a great time,' Terrell smiled, pointing to Cheryl as he added: 'She was a great teacher — I couldn't have asked for anything more.'Cheryl, meanwhile, told him: 'Terrell I'm so proud of the dancer you've become but most importantly the person you've allowed us all to see.Any free time she had she spent with us.' (Pictured: Kelly with Caroline in 1960) Taken too soon: '[It] left a void,' Albert (pictured with Caroline, left, and Stephanie, right in 2005) said of losing his mother when he was 24.'I wanted to talk to her about a lot more things than I had the chance to'All grown up: These days, Prince Albert is married to his own blonde beauty Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa (pictured together on September 1).

Legendary Larry King was tried-and-true to his suspenders, clad in a polka dot set with a black dress shirt and pants.

I hope so, because they are hot, hot, hot together.

Honestly, I find it slightly amusing that Val and Kelly's chemistry continues to be a hot topic.

So proud of you.'The decision came on a night where he had a vast improvement, getting all 9s for his first dance, a Charleston, with head judge Len Goodman telling him: 'Of all of our celebrities nobody has improved from week one as much as you.'But the real highlight of his week came when General Hospital star Kelly came and the flirting started immediately.'Kelly is very beautiful,' Terrell admitted, smiling as he added: 'I heard she is single, so am I.

I hope she doesn't get distracted by how handsome I am.'Cheryl — who said she is good friends with Kelly — constantly threw sexual innuendos at them during rehearsals, telling Kelly 'you're throwing yourself at him, you've got to play hard to get' and teasing Terrell: 'One girl at a time, Terrell — don't you know how to do a threesome?

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